(the invitation). 


Residency:  Bunker Projects Pittsburgh, PA

Today is July 5th. I arrived in Pittsburgh on June 15 and I started working on the 17th.  I often don't know what day it is or what the street next to the one I'm walking down is called. Beyond walking to work, I never know where I am. I need some grounding work and I'm asking for your help. Your part is really simple. 

I want to write you a letter. Send me your address.  

This letter-writing process is a part of an attempt at an extended wellness based detox + cleanse that I simply don't want to do without your support. I want to tell you how I'm doing. I want to share my ponderings, in case you're pondering them too. Consider it exhibitionist journaling

If you would like to be a part of this journey, and what will ultimately become my next project PERMEATE, please fill out the submission form below. 

Looking forward to writing to you. 


Thank you for your interest! Submissions are currently closed.