Atiya Jones is an autodidactic creator of abstract organic accumulations that an apopheniac might call patterns.  Her work serves as a depiction of biological functions reflected within society  through  line-based visual structures (ie. osmosis as migration, cancer as gentrification, communities as homeostasis). The entrancing lines are informed as much by nature as they are by architecture. Man-made structures and the basic need for shelter lay at the core of the tactile tensions experienced in urban settings throughout the cities in which she’s called home. Ultimately, she aims to create depictions  in which the sometimes disparate narratives of persons past and present can coincide.

Upon settling in Pittsburgh, PA, Atiya Jones acclimated to creating works on reclaimed windowpanes from various sources throughout the city. Through these works she aims to inspire the viewer to consider the history of the area in which they stand. The work asks for acknowledgment of the delicate balance between gentrification and revitalization, and suggests that we proceed with awareness.

She genuinely believes that art is and should be everywhere, and probably wants to make something for you this very moment. 

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SUNY Purchase, Media & Communications, B.S. 2008


January 2016         The Yards in Rochester, NY
March 2016           Have Company in Grand Rapids, MI
Summer 2016         Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA

Past Exhibitions:

March 2017           I Live Here, Now.    Ace Hotel, Pittsburgh
November 2015     Merge                  The Candy Factory  Brooklyn, NY
January 2015         Transitions            The Candy Factory  Brooklyn, NY


Design Sponge January 2016
Rochester City News January 2016




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